Monday, March 21, 2016

Video Series: REAL-ationships

Hello Church Lovers!

We are near to ending the first quarter of  2016 and while I am excited about releasing the final book of this series, I am equally excited about the teaching that is happening, centered around Church Love; B.L.I.S.S., our non-fiction e-book. We have several online teachings available on our YouTube page under the tab REAL-ationships. These topics range from Marriage, Sex, Singleness, Bozo, and many other things. As you anticipate Book 4: Cross Fire, I hope you will stop by and view these sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, but always insightful teachings. I can't wait to meet you in Savannah with the whole crew. It's going to be great! Until then, here's my own #ChurchLove Story. Get your popcorn and drink ready, settle into a good chair, and get ready to hear how God gave me my very own "Shemiah". The rest of the story can be found on the playlist.

Here's Part 1

Friday, February 6, 2015

New E-book on Grief

Good Afternoon!

I hope you're having a wonderful year so far. I want to invite you to give to a special cause. 

My latest nonfiction book titled,Grief For Dummies: How Loss Made Me Look Again At The Process is available for ordering today for only $1.99. Here's what one reader had to say: 

"This book moved me." Tremayne Moore, Maynetre Manuscripts 

Told in a journalistic style, I share my story of personal loss and ways to help those who grieve. 

Here's the link to order below :

A portion of the proceeds will go to supporting families who cannot afford to lay their loved ones to rest. I hope you will read and share and learn how to be a practical help to others as I share my very own story of loss. 

Thank you for supporting the cause and sharing the cause with others!

 Shantae Charles

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Writing Process & Purpose

I've been asked to share a little bit about my writing process by my fellow authors and answer a few questions. 

1. What are you working on? I am working on the last novel in the Church Love Novel series (slated for release 2015) , and then after that, I plan to finish volume 2 of Church Love B.L.I.S.S. , the non-fiction behind the fiction of Church Love, a relationship manual detailing principles of courtship. You can get volume 1 here:

As a Publisher, I am currently looking at potential editing projects for 2015. If you are interested in those services you can visit my link here:

2. How does your work differ from others in its genre? Though my work is Christian Romance fiction, it is also prophetic. I see my work as a new genre, Prophetic fiction. I write while fasting and praying and strive not only to tell a good story, but to really hear what God would say to the characters in different situations. I've had people share their stories of encounter with God while reading the series, and I know it is more than a series to entertain, but to impart an understanding of how very much God wants to be involved in our lives. I also feel it is unique in that it takes non-readers and turns them into avid readers. I've had many write and say they HATED reading ANYTHING and are now avid readers and enjoy it. Like Stephen King's writing, I know my work is not for everyone, but it impacts the lives that it needs to and I am satisfied with that. 

3. Why do you write what you do? My life of writing started by a prophecy, so I guess it makes sense that it is prophetic. When I was 17, it was spoken over my life that I would write and my writing would impact people all over the world. This was before Facebook. I did not believe this person because I was an artist, not a writer and had NO DESIRE at ALL to write anything. I had graduated high school hating English because my teacher (Mr. Cox) pushed so hard. I was a singer, dancer, visual artist, and had wrote a few songs. I was not a writer in my own eyes. It was not until I watched a movie called Deliver Us From Eva, starring LL Cool J and Gabrielle Union that God put a fire in my belly. I watched the movie and was livid. I was angry at the portrayal of the Black Church, the Black female, and God. I left the movie thinking, Why does everything that people write have to be about what is wrong with the church? Why is no one writing stories, especially for people of color that shows that there is good in the church and not everyone is sleeping around and singing hallelujah? Who is telling THAT story? Right after that, I heard God say, You are going to write that story. That was the beginning of my literary journey a decade ago. I started with one character, and intended to just write one book. As I wrote, she became a part of what I now call the Kingdom Community. This is how Church Love Series was born. I realized that God wanted to demonstrate the power of love, family, friends, and Christian community. So, I write because I feel divinely commissioned to do so. I write to educate people on true Christian community through my parabolic style writing, and I write to show forth godly principles for marriage and courtship through the Church Love series. My tongue is the pen of a ready writer as I have grown in this gift. I also have four blogs, one which was named a Hidden Gem in 2013 for teens:

I learned a valuable lesson about purpose: If it makes you angry, that's probably where your passion lies! Moses had a similar dilemma. 

4. How does your writing process work?  I write in blocks of time and do most of my writing on weekends and holidays. Sometimes I have other story ideas that form from my writing. The picture above is some of my notebooks where I have stories yet to be published but they are written out. I write character sketches, outline my story, and try to stick to it unless the story takes on a life of its own. I also have notebooks solely for research. I am a very detailed writer and I love history, so I like to study out different things and visit the places I am writing about so that my writing is authentic. It is always a compliment when a person from Savannah can picture the places in my story because I have been there and done the research, and lived in the experience so I can write about it in the most authentic way. I even created the drink Chocolatte, so I could accurately write about it. I also created a drink called the Church Love, now quite popular with my local Barista. The joy of writing! 

5. What are you reading? Currently, I am reading writing process books,  and studying the book of Proverbs along with a FB study group. I am also reading Undaunted by Christine Caine, which ties into my subject matter of Human Trafficking for my last book in the Church Love series. 

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little about my writing process and purpose!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Life Changing Encounters Through Prophetic Fiction: Church Love

I never 'saw' myself as a writer. It was prophesied to me that I would write when I was 17. I did not release my first novel until I was 26. God's Word has continued to come to pass. I write something they don't have a category for--yet: Prophetic Fiction. God speaks through these stories. I write while fasting and praying and I feel the presence of the Lord while writing. I always pray that people would read these novels and encounter God in the midst of them. Here is one such encounter:

Hello, I just wanted to write you because I have finished Church Love, Book Three. I tell you those books have been with me through it all. As I wrote you a while back I was running away from marriage like I stole something! Since then I had been stressed and obsessed with NOT getting married. I said boldly I have a choice! I'm choosing my way own way! I know a better way! God you can have anything else but just let me do this part! 

I was completely out of control. Yet I was reading your books living through the lives of August and Aliya and their friends secretly wondering what it was like to be loved. A lot of those girls were like me, and the book even helped know what to look for in a husband. With just a few chapters left my friend confronted me and I had some serious repentance. I was able to let go of my fears, selfishness and let God have HIS WAY. I was genuinely sorry. 

So, thank you so much. There was a line in the book that said if marriage is a part of God's plan for your life you have to trust Him and be okay with it. I was so floored. I knew I had to change my ways. My own way was driving me crazy. And even now I can't say I'm ecstatic but I can say that I trust God with my heart and my life. I even testified at church. So many doors have opened for my job, my book and my heart has softened towards Jesus once again. Your books are an inspiration to live for God. - NH, Reader

This is what it is all about! I never tire of hearing how God has changed a life, restored a marriage, healed a heart, given hope for the future through Church Love. It is entirely God's doing and it is marvelous in his eyes! It also inspires me to complete the last novel in this series! God loves his people so much, and desires to win our hearts, even if he has to use a novel to do so. 

Until we meet in Savannah, 

Blessings and Church Love 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Church Love Celebration

Let Me Say first and foremost, THANK YOU! As I am author, editor, and publisher for my company along with a small team of faithful individuals, I do want to say thank you for bearing with the process of writing and producing a quality work.

We are celebrating TEN years of Church Love! I cannot believe it has been a DECADE! My heart swells every time I get a message from a new reader who has just been introduced to Savannah and the wonders of Savannah, GA.

God continues to amaze me with how He has used this prophetic fiction series to transform lives. I am looking forward to the final release of the series and a Church Love devotional is in the works as well.

In the meantime, God has done something equally amazing by allowing me to co-author an e-book with my husband, Robert Charles! It is Volume 1 of the Church Love B.L.I.S.S. series, a series dedicated to extracting some of those principles intertwined in Church Love to give you the Biblical bearings and framework for my story.

I pray that you will purchase an E-book and that the teaching will enhance your life and those of your friends as well.


Check out some of the awesome stories on my FB page ChurchLoveNovels
You can also follow @churchlove333
To see what Authors we have worked with and what is new in our publishing corner, check our FB page God Ideas.

Until we meet in Savannah,

Shantae A. Charles

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Join Author Shantae Charles for "Principles of Courtship" LIVE Session

One of the things I focus on in the Church Love Novel Series. 
Courtship is NOT dating. 
Dating has a very storied history and is primarily an American custom. 
Courting also has a very detailed history and has roots all the way back to the Bible.
Join me for a time of teaching on principles of courtship that are Biblically based with the
Women Rise Above Fellowship!

We'll have a time of Q& A and prayer for those on the line. 
I'm excited about what God is going to do!

If you want to see courtship in action, and you enjoy fiction reading,  order my prophetic novel series Church Love. Godly principles for living are woven throughout the story. 
I write with real people in mind, who have real issues, and need God answers.

See You ON the LINE!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Love & Relationships- Quotables

As the last book in my series is in process, I want to share some notable quotes I've come across from those who believe in the power of God ordained marriage. May these sound bites bless you and encourage you wherever you are : single, courting, or married!

Thinking of my marriage (13 years and counting) and smiling from ear to ear as I hear this wonderful thought:

If you are willing to let God wreck your plans, He WILL fix your life!

I've come to appreciate God's sense of humor through the loving relationship I have that I did not want and ran from (literally). So many times, we get squeamish with God about relationships. He can have our jobs, ministry, hobbies, but that Love Life? Oh, _God don't touch it! You don't know what you're doing there. Really? God knows. He knows YOU better than you know yourself. Trust Him, even in that. Stop doubting God, and let Him write your love story. He knows when you are ready...and when you are STALLING.  
- Shantae Charles

Single & constantly coming up frustrated? Just stop it because what you're focusing on is amplifying. Focus on Christ instead.
If you aren't happy single, you sure wont be happy married. Marriage only amplifies your issues.

-Heather Lindsey, Pastor & Founder of Pinky Promise 

 Don't miss your miracle playing house with a mistake. Some have missed a good thing because he or she didn't "look" the part, now someone else got what you wanted, fixed it up, dressed it up." 
- Barbara Gaines, Prophetess

To those in relationships: If a woman can support her man's dream, there's no excuse for a man to not support his woman's dream.
-Tremayne Moore, Author & Advocate

I always knew that sex outside of marriage was sinful and God hates it, but I really never understood why. At this point,I was not saved but God begun to strip the sinful desires away from me. I was tired of being hurt, not valued, and I always knew it wasn't pleasing to God. How could we expect God to bless our relationship when it's in direct rebellion against Him? I don't say this to brag,but to give hope to the many people who want to start over and do it the RIGHT way, to do things God's way. Sex is for our HUSBAND only, not every boyfriend, boo, ,baby daddy, or fiance! By God's grace,He has kept me for 2 years. Don't let society fool you, PURITY is still the way to go! Sex may feel good but moments of pleasure are not worth the heartbreaks, soul ties and eternal damnation. Know your worth and keep your standards in Christ!
-Brittany Jay, Founder of High Heels and High Standards

 Ladies Keep Your Legs Closed! Don't Be So Free With Your Body. Men can have sex without commitment and without love. For many men sex and relationship do not necessarily have anything to do with each other. If you want to keep your value and worth with a man, make him work for your affection!
-Tranea Prosser, Author 

Whatever the heck they want to do!!!
Now, a word to my fellow single brothers and sisters.
1) Stop saying that all the good ones are taken. That's insulting to God. What are you? You're good right, how did you become good? God!
2) Well "where da' at den"?
Where you at?
You should be actively honoring God by doing what you enjoy in life and then sometimes you should get into other people's life and help them do what they do. That was the seasoned wisdom of Naomi to Ruth. She did not tell that young lady some ole' dumb foolishness like "girl Boaz knows where you live, let that rich negro call you." She told Ruth in essence that if it was a no good man, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME! But he is a good man. I know, because he is my kindred. Be a lady? yes, but POSITION YOURSELF. Get into his fields". In this season, both male and female, get into others fields and help them do what they do. There may be a "Boaz or Ruth" blessing in it.
3) Stop hating on married people and learn to enjoy what God has given them. God is not going to let you have what you desecrate by speaking against. Let happily married people be an inspiration to us. We have no idea what they have been through.  
- Elliott Shepherd , Pastor & TV Broadcast Mogul

Mat 1:18 ... His mother Mary was betrothed to Joseph) before they came together, she was found to be with child by the Holy Spirit.
Mat 1:19 But Joseph, her husband to be, being just, and not willing to make her a public example, he purposed to put her away secretly.
Courtship is not for is your last chance to save yourself from a bad marriage. While in courtship, open your EYES and not YOUR ZIPPER
- Charles Iko'basi,  Pastor & Author

Some people think the key to staying married is staying in love. But the secret to staying married is staying. Couples fall in and out of love all the time. If you don't stay, you don't have that opportunity. 
- Barbara Joe, Publisher, Author, and Founder of Tallahassee Author's Network

#WomenOf God don't get so caught up in his looks,muscles, degree,career,accolades,and worldly success that you neglect the most important qualities in a Godly man. How is his prayer life,relationship with God,and vision looking? Does He truly love & live for God,know the gospel,make his intentions about you known upfront,meek & humble,walking in purity until marriage,active in ministry,and teachable? If a man is not being led by God then he can not lead you anywhere!  
-Brittany Jay, Founder of High Heels & High Standards

He kisses you, touches you, sex you, texts you, and "loves" you... but he doesn't pray for you... If he won't touch GOD, why let him touch YOU?
- Alana Hughes  

Stay Encouraged!